Sell your products online effortlessly.

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We offer a fully functional online shop setup which includes your secure online payment service, stock listing, pack shot photography and online marketing.

Watch orders being placed to your email inbox and payments streaming into your business account effortlessly.

Ecommerce is the action of conducting transactions online. We have all been involved in it whether you have bought or sold products or services using the internet. This even includes something as small as buying airtime from an app. Ecommerce caters for everyone.

Be part of the future of retail and expand the brick & mortar to the world and reach customers outside your physical area of business. Selling products online is like having a shop in every town in South Africa. This expands your customer base to outside of your physical address. It also simplifies your current customers’ experience by giving them access to your stock from the comfort of their homes, either on their laptops or mobile phone.

ecommerce | e-commerce mobile | sell products online
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South Africans are one step behind our leading fellow western countries, but this gives us an opportunity to learn from their successes and failures and optimise on the successes. In the United States about 10% of all retail sales is the responsibility of ecommerce (2017). This figure is projected to grow by another 15% per year. Stay ahead with the world’s retail trends and let us set up your online shop. It IS the future of shopping.
Okay, now that you decided that your online shop is a necessity, you’d probably want to know about advertising. Unlike in the offline business word where” you build it, they will come”  in the online world, things are a bit different. Because the world wide web is so wide, online marketing is absolutely essential to show off your products. We use our SEO specialists and social media advertising team to market and advertise your products on different platforms like Facebook and Google.