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Dex Creations | social media advertising

Social Media Advertising may still be new to some, but it’s growing at such a pace that conventional print ads are being questioned as being the best route for modern-day marketing. Reasons why is because of:

  • Much lower ad costs than the traditional TV, radio and print ads.
  • Targeted reach. There’s no spray and pray advertising in digital advertising. We focus your ads to be displayed to your preferred audience;
  • Real-time performance analysis. This enable us to fine tune posted ads at any point of a campaign to maximize your turnover.

With the rapidly increasing popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, there has never been a better time for your business to take advantage of the opportunities to grow using Social Media Advertising. Customers seek service recommendations on Facebook groups and Google more often than ever – we’ll make sure your post is ready to be on the top of the list.

Successful Social Media Advertising use proven techniques on Facebook Business and Advertising tools. This feature enables you to list your products on Facebook with pricing and descriptions — targeting a focused audience of potential customers.

Optimise your TV advert views on YouTube at a fraction of the costs of live TV broadcasters. We acquired the skills to focus your product and brand to potential customers on the most watched steaming service in
the world.

Dex Creations | social media advertising

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social media management

To keep your followers updated with all the happenings of your business can be time consuming and could get complicated when trying to manage your social pages as they are constantly changing and improving.

A Social Media Content Calendar will be supplied upon your approval for posts to be sent daily or weekly. We will also monitor, listen and respond to your customers on behalf of your business — saving you time.