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At Dex Creations, we create custom web designs that are 100% responsive and mobile friendly. Using modern techniques and following seminars for web trends regularly, we pride ourselves in delivering the best web designs to our clients.

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Your company’s website represents your brand’s image to customers even before they have met you. Chances are almost certain that your customers found your business through the internet. However quick fashion, music and colour trends change in the world, website functionality and styles are no exception – if not accelerated through the trends. Every year new and simplified ideas for web design and user experiences are created. Our web designer team is ready to transform your website into a modern experience.

Functionality and creative designs on websites change from industry to industry. An engineering company’s website will have a different look and feel to a restaurant’s. We attend seminars and do extensive research habitually to stay informed on how your business’ website should look and function.

Research by NetMarketShare shows almost half of all web searches and page visits are being done on mobile devices. All our web designs are mobile friendly by default – making sure your customers can find you from anywhere, on any device.

Additional to all websites we build, we offer a complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for all pages on your website. This assures that you will be seen on search engines when potential customers are looking for your products.

We will make sure you stay updated – newer is better in the tech world. Let your customers feel refreshed and informed browsing through your custom-built web designs.

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hosting & maintenance

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Hosing packages are available to all our clients who wishes to design their brand new websites. We will obtain the optimal server to run your websites and emails so you won’t spend more than you should. We also offer additional maintenance services with our trusted third party hosts to make sure your new website stays up and running Updates and tweaks can be made monthly to keeping your website’s functionality stable and secure.

recent projects

Business Management Training College

BMT College is an award winning distance learning institute teaching thousands of students throughout South Africa. 

This project included a website design revamp which included video interviews, logo animation and SEO.


Blott Stationery

Blott Stationery’s shops were widened to the ecommerce world. 

Total website build, SEO, logo animation, payment gateway and product photography was done by Dex Creations.


SmartWorks started as a printing company and has evolved into an all-in-one smart solutions company in the past 20+ years.

Contributions to this project was a complete web design overhaul including SEO and logo animation.


Status SA is the initiative of a property developer founded in 2019. He requested his work to be showcased online by  his visual rich and modern website.

Contributions to this project include a from-scratch web design, logo design and logo animation.

Carlton Heights Guesthouse

From modern to quaint – this rustic design was a pleasure to work on. Carlton Heights is a tiny guesthouse in the in Middelburg, Eastern Cape.

Carlton Heights Guesthouse’s website design and functionality was the responsibility of Dex Creations to display their homely feeling.

Logtenberg Chiropractic

Two sisters in two different towns with two separate chiropractic services – one website…

Logtenberg Chiropractic’s website was designed to accommodate two practices in one. The result; a unified look and feel approved by both sister clients.

Contributions to this project include website design, hosting services and functionality.