Get your webpage to the top of a Google search by letting us setup your SEO.

Search engine optimization is the key to becoming popular on the world wide web. It’s the process of ensuring your website appear on the first page search results when customers search for words and questions relevant to your website. 

“Why do I want to be on the first page?” you might ask. The answer is simple: almost nobody advances to Page 2 – less than 10%. If your page is not on the top of the results you might be losing a potential 70% of customers.

SEO | Goog;e Business | Add my business to google
SEO | Goog;e Business | Add my business to google maps

Using various SEO techniques and tools, our experts will ensure that your customers will find you first amongst your competitors. Some of these techniques are to ensure that your page consist of high quality content which includes words used by people who search for your products and services. Also enabling sharing your pages to social media and messaging so you’re offers can spread by your customers

SEO techniques take time to boost the ranking of your pages but our experts are here to speed things up. We’ll monitor your SEO index rating until you reach the first page.

put your business on the map

Google Maps has improved over time to help businesses appear on address searches on desktop computers and especially on mobile devices. Around 40% of all business directory searches are made from Google Maps as customers are always searching for local businesses closest to them.

We have the expertise to set up your business profile on Google Maps and keep it updated. This feature will pinpoint your business on a map accompanied by pictures and Streetview to navigate customers right to your doorstep effortlessly. We will add your products and service descriptions to this feature – answering customers’ questions before they call you.

SEO | Goog;e Business | Add my business to google maps